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raw wall - reclaimed pallet wood wall cladding

In Mid 2019 Raw Home introduced a new product to the business and began to produce wooden wall cladding for internal and external use.

With our strong ethos on the environment, sustainability and of course upcycling we felt that we could provide an interior wall finish that showcased the charcter and personality of reclaimed timber.

Pallet wood is a material that this country (along with the rest of the world) has in abundance. Whilst pallets are generally not a single use item there are many times when this is almost the case. 

Whilst alot of companies will recycle their pallets or have them collected, far too many still burn them which not only creates unnecessary carbon dioxide but also destroys a material that usually still has life.

We deal with a Charitable organisation that deal in reclaimed timber and they supply our pallet wood. 

Our pallet wood comes to us in a relatively raw state and we then take it through a series of processes to produce a uniformly sized piece of timber that has all nails removed, any large splinters removed, lightly sanded to a smooth finish and finally we treat the timber to protect against rot, woodworm, fungus etc.

The environment and in particular our impact on it are always at the forefront of what we do and we are continually looking at ways to improve the ecological values of our products. Every single process is reviewed to see how we can offer the most ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly pallet wood cladding.


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