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raw collaborations

At raw home we love what we do, but it's always better when we share our passion with other artists and organisations that embrace the same creative qualities as ourselves. 

Recently the raw home team have collaborated with some fantastic companies on varying projects which are outlined below.

Despite us having made alot of changes recently to our business and just what we do, we do still from time to time receive some really interesting commission work. When a local radio station contacted us to see if we could build them some decorative TIPI'S for an event they were sponsoring we could hardly say no. 

Having never built tipi's before did not stop us and once all the measurements were worked out we set about constructing two 3.5 metre tall tipi's. These were erected on site and dressed with cotton sheets and rope. The organisers were then planning to illuminate the tipi's for the evening of the event. This was a huge success and another great commission piece that we are glad we said "YES" to.

For one reason or another, something that has always been deep in the blood of Raw Home is homelessness. We, like many take a huge pride in our home and invest our time, energy and money into it. The knowledge that there are people who through varying circumstances are unable to this is incredibly sad. We have now teamed up with Emmaus Uk to offer upcycling workshops for its companions who have previously experienced homelessness. For many the workshops will provide a social outlet aswell as the opportunity to further develop skills and unleash their creativity. On top of this these workshops can also offer a boost in confidence and self belief which due to some of the companions history can sadly be lacking. We are absolutely delighted to be working with these guys and cant wait for the year ahead.

barker logo.jpg

Raw Home has joined forces with the guys over at Barker & Stonehouse and become one of the newest partner designers. Barker & Stonehouse have been and continue to be a hugely influential brand since they began back in 1946. Their outstanding stores with features like living walls and reclaimed timber cladding give a nod to their “green” credentials. Barker & Stonehouse have been recycling their packaging for over a decade and were founding members of the reforestation initiative. Barker & Stonehouse offer a range of furniture, lighting and decoration that most big brand retailers do not and their ability to keep ahead of the game is inspiring.

One thing you might not know about them though is the interior design service they offer. The service can be obtained through your local store and will result in an interior designer arranging a telephone consultation or perhaps a home visit with you if required. 

You may well be aware that in addition to running Raw Home we are also avid upcyclers as this forms much of our company ethos and practice.

In 2018 we found ourselves making the 200 mile trip from Hull to London to take part in a live demonstration on stage at Grand Designs Live.

The demo was part of a presentation on the cultural, creative and environmental benefits of upcycling and saw Rob complete a unique build on stage with other members of the Upcycledhour fraternity who also completed their own bespoke creations.

There are times in life when a particular project comes up that is not only perfect for you but also very close to your heart.

I have been a follower of the DIY SOS team for many years and have an emmense amount of admiration for what they do so when you get asked to build a specific and integral item of furniture for a family in need of support then you jump at it. I can share more with you when the episode aires but for now lets just say you won't miss what we made!

When the opportunity arose to work with Curtains.com on a marketing campaign we jumped at the chance. The campaign was aimed at channeling your inner designer in a bid to see what sort of interior spaces people liked and in turn how Curtains.com could meet a clients needs through their product ranges. 

We were thrilled to work with Rustoleum Paints on a limited edition run of bespoke animal lamps all finished in a variety of specific Rustoleum colours. These lights proved to be extremely successful and sold out quickly. Well done to anyone who bagged themselves one of our wonderful colourful collaboration lamps.