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Reclaimed pallet wood wall cladding is a fantastic way to add some charm and character to your property whilst knowing that you are helping to reduce the amount of unused pallets that are simply burned or discarded after their use.
At Raw Home our focus is to use reclaimed materials to enhance our living spaces and we believe that our pallet wood cladding does just that.

Unlike other companies we take the time to produce timber lengths that are uniform meaning that when you come to fit them you don't find yourself with any unwanted gaps, rough edges or nail heads.
We pride ourselves on delivering a product that is finished to a high level so that you can enjoy from the detail of the grain and the original saw marks along with the warm and cosy feel that the timber cladding can bring.

Our wall cladding is perfect for a country cottage retreat or an urban industrial apartment and everything in between.
Whether you choose to go big with a statement feature wall or smaller with an alcove, you won't be disappointed at choosing Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding!

NOTE: Due to the history and usage of this material (pallet wood) you will expect to see variations in the colour of the timber, the density of the grain and the texture of each piece.
This is what we love about this wood as it has bags of character and personality but may have had abit of a tough life before coming to us so for this reason we advise all customers that this is NOT perfect timber sections however all pieces in every pack will be well cut, sanded, treated and de-nailed. Our timber is also cut to a height of 8.3cm with a width of 100cm which allows us to offer our customers a more consistent product than many other companies.


Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding, Salvaged Timber, Upcycled wall cladding

  • When you receive your plallet wood it is advisable to remove the packaging and recycle it (if you would be so kind) and then leave your new boards in the room you intend to install them in for 3 days to aclimatise. 

    This will just help the bpards adjust to the temperature of the room and allows for any swelling/shrinkage in the timber. In general you should only expect a possible change in dimension by 1 or 2 mm but it is better that this happens before installation.