Regional Interior Design Service

Our Regional Interior Design Service is available to our clients from across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

This is a consultation stage service and provides the basics of an outlined design as apposed to a complete interior design proposal (although the latter can be provided at an additional cost).


Upon purchasing your regional interior design service you will be asked to provide an email address and a contact number.

We will then contact you initially to discuss your project and arrange a suitable date and time to travel to your home to meet you and to see the space that you are looking to transform.

Your home visit will last approximately 1 hour and will be focused on 1 particular space (although we may discuss other spaces briefly).


Once we have completed the initial home visit consultation we will provide a digital mood board giving you an overview of our design scheme along with details as to why we have made specific design choices.

Additionally, you will receive a proposed floor plan drawn to scale.


Finally, we will follow up with you after you have received your proposed design and discuss your thoughts. If need be we can amend certain design details for you at this point.


Unless you require us to provide further assistance regarding the design and take it through to a full priced interior design proposal then this would conclude the regional interior design service consultation.


Additional work will of course be taken on and the cost would depend on the level of work you require from us so we would advise to speak to us regarding your project and we can at that point discuss how it is taken forward.

Regional Interior Design Service