frequently asked questions

Q - How do I fit the wall cladding?

A - There a number of different ways of installing the cladding so please feel free to download our fitting guide at the bottom of the page or alternatively contact us to discuss your project in more detail and we will talk through it with you.

Q - How do I know how much to order and do I need to allow for wastage?

A - The amount of cladding you need will be based on the measurements of the respective wall or area minus any areas you wouldn't clad (i.e. doors and windows). Generally our levels of wastage are very low as the cladding has no specific orientation. the amount of waste also depends on how you fit the cladding and how accurate your initial measurements were.

For orders being fitted vertically or horizontally we would suggest that you measure your area then add 10% and for orders being fitted diagonally add 20%.

If in doubt then please contact us before ordering.  

Q - What finishes are available

A - At present we supply a single type finish which is the wood sanded back marginally to reveal the natural grain. Our wood comes with a treatment against rot, fungus and wood boring bugs but can, if you wish, be stained or painted by you once you receive your order. If you want a specific finish and are not sure how to achieve it then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q - If I cant fit it what do i do

A - If you are unable to fit your wood cladding yourself then we would advise that you either speak to a local trades person (i.e. carpenter, builder or handyman) as they should be able to fit the cladding for you or you can speak to us and we can fit the cladding for you. Costs for fitting will vary depending on location, amount of cladding to be fitted, access to installation area etc so we would advise that you speak to us before ordering to discuss this.

Q - Can it be used for flooring

A - Generally speaking we would advise that you do not use our cladding for flooring. Unlike most types of flooring, our cladding boards are a variety of thicknesses ranging from around 10mm upto 20mm so you would not achieve an even flooring which would make the floor dangerous as it would be a potential trip hazard. Additionally things like cleaning and spillages would be an issue as the floor would not provide a waterproof seal to the surface underneath.

Q - Can it go in a bathroom

A - Although the cladding could well be used in a bathroom we would probably advise against it. Bathrooms are a high moisture content room and the humidity would cause the wood to constantly expand and contract which aesthetically would not look great but practically could cause the wood to warp. Depending on the type of look you wanted it could be possible and we would advise talking to us before ordering to discuss your project.

Q - Can I get a sample

A - Absolutely! Our sample packs are free but we do charge £3.00 for postage. We are a small family run business and unfortunately cannot provide samples without covering our costs of getting them to you.

Please bare in mind that due to the nature of the timber, every single piece is a different colour and texture so our sample packs will not allow you to see every possible option but they do provide a good indication of the level of finish on our boards.

Q - What do I do with my Treebombs?

A - Please see the link below to find out more about scattering your Alder tree bombs.


Click below to download our basic fitting guide.